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SOURCE Process and Breathwork CENTRING PROCESS by Binnie A. Dansby

BW-ExerciseThe Three Centring Questions:

How do I feel? (Sensations/ Energy registering in the physiology)

What do I want to express? (Say or do)

What is the result that I want to produce?

Take a deep breath . . . follow with two more deep breaths. Thank you!

Continue to breathe consciously and bring your awareness to how your body is feeling, right now. Without words of emotion or judgement, describe to yourself the sensations in your feet and legs . . . your buttocks, perineum and genitals . . . your lower belly and lower back?

Remember to breathe.
 What are the sensations in your solar plexus and middle back . . . your chest and upper back? Are your shoulders, arms and hands as relaxed as they could be? Be aware of your breath, also be aware of your throat and neck . . . your eyes, ears and head.

WELCOME HOME! This is ‘where you are’ in this moment of time in space. No matter where you are geographically, you are always with a body and the feelings and thoughts that are the ‘world’ you create.

Now, bring your attention to what you think as you are aware of how your body is feeling. Take a deep breath, and listen in for what you want to express.What do you want to say or do as you are feeling what you are feeling, sensing what you are sensing?

Remember to breathe. 
What is the result you want to produce? Where do you want to be in consciousness?

If there is a discrepancy between ‘where you are’ at present and ‘where you want to be’ there will be inner conflict. If you are creating inner conflict, you will co-create conflict in all your relationships. (i.e., you are activated and upset, angry and alienated, AND you say that you want connection and intimacy,)

© 2004 Binnie A. Dansby

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