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Two Breathing Exercises Vital to Joy and Wellness by Jim Morningstar


These two free breathing exercises give you the basics of what Jim calls "maintenance breathing" and "Therapeutic Breathwork."

The first exercise helps you return to calm and ease in your daily life and is consonant with coherent and mindfulness breathing.

The second exercise introduces you to a technique to help healing and emotional release as well as increasing your energy level and creative potential.

Enjoy this 20 min. class by Jim Morningstar.


About the Author Jim Morningstar

Jim Morningstar
Jim Morningstar

The Director of Transformations Incorporated, Jim has held licensure as a clinical psychologist since 1973. He is a clinical supervisor, seminar leader and has pioneered in the integration of psychotherapy with such mind/body techniques as breathwork and bio-spiritual energetics.

He founded the School of Integrative Psychology in 1980 and the Transformations Breathworker Training Program in 1990 and has authored four books in the field of spiritual psychology. He is co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and founder of InWellness.

Jim also travels and teaches internationally.

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