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Two Breathing Exercises Vital to Joy and Wellness by Jim Morningstar


These two free breathing exercises give you the basics of what Jim calls "maintenance breathing" and "Therapeutic Breathwork."

The first exercise helps you return to calm and ease in your daily life and is consonant with coherent and mindfulness breathing.

The second exercise introduces you to a technique to help healing and emotional release as well as increasing your energy level and creative potential.

Enjoy this 20 min. class by Jim Morningstar.

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SOURCE Process and Breathwork CENTRING PROCESS by Binnie A. Dansby

BW-ExerciseThe Three Centring Questions:

How do I feel? (Sensations/ Energy registering in the physiology)

What do I want to express? (Say or do)

What is the result that I want to produce?

Take a deep breath . . . follow with two more deep breaths. Thank you!

Continue to breathe consciously and bring your awareness to how your body is feeling, right now. Without words of emotion or judgement, describe to yourself the sensations in your feet and legs . . . your buttocks, perineum and genitals . . . your lower belly and lower back?

Remember to breathe.
 What are the sensations in your solar plexus and middle back . . . your chest and upper back? Are your shoulders, arms and hands as relaxed as they could be? Be aware of your breath, also be aware of your throat and neck . . . your eyes, ears and head.

Read more: SOURCE Process and Breathwork CENTRING PROCESS by Binnie A. Dansby

Mindfulness Exercise

This exercise comes to us from Robert Beatty, a Buddhist Dharma, psychotherapist in private practice and the founder of the Portland Insight Meditation Community.

  • Sit and relax.
  • Then very attentively, notice the birth of the next breath. When does it really start? 
  • Observe it during its rising stage and as it decelerates near the top of the breath.
  • Notice the slight pause at the top, like a roller coaster getting ready to start down the hill.
  • Now experience the ride, the journey, as the exhale happens – and then it’s gone.
  • Then simply be in the moment – and notice when the next breath is born.

Do two of those. That will provide several instances of actually being in the present moment. And  when one is in the present moment, awareness is alive and awake and the crazy mind is not in charge. What’s there is awareness.

For more information visit and click on "meditation." Robert also recommends reading:

  • “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Henepola Gunaratana.
  • “The Power of Mindfulness” by  Nyanaponika Thera
  • “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
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