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Leonard's Report on Spirit & Money by Leonard D. Orr

Walden Pond

I have been home a little over a month. Just a few mornings ago I felt that the energy of working with EEP and OPE, (emotional energy pollution or other peoples’ energy) was finite, before this I was overwhelmed by it. Even so, every day since I have been home I could feel more space in my mind and body than the day before. This is obviously one of the reasons I like being home. I have an abundance of support for spiritual purification practices.

It is amazing what has been healed since being home. I will give you a snapshot in a moment, which may be extremely valuable to you if you are interested in healing yourself.

But first, here is a short financial report.

Your gifts have totaled almost $3000. I am very grateful. This will buy me 2 weeks of not working. Gifts are still coming in.

My first week home I only did my normal two meals per day and fasts on Sunday and Thursday. Then I was able to do a 3 day fast. The following week I did four days – Sunday through Wednesday. Today is my third week, 5 days, Sunday through Thursday. I am starting to write this on Thursday, Jan 7, 2016. This week has been a challenge. I will tell more later. My goal for next week is too fast for 6 days. Then the week after 7 days, which means I will already be 7 days into my forty-day fast, if all goes well.

This week I had problems. They started 3 weeks ago. I began waking up in the morning with so much pain, I could hardly get out of bed. I had pain all day until now, but most of it is gone now. The pain moved from back to front and around to different places every day for the past three weeks. Only three days ago could I bend to the floor to pick up things. I had great difficulty sitting down and standing up. Two days were normal then yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up at 2 am feeling great. I read some of my favorite books and enjoyed my fireplace until 6 am. Then I got into my bathtub. I fell involuntarily asleep. When I woke up 2 hours later I was totally wiped out. After finishing my bath, I was so weak, I had major trouble getting out of the tub. I nearly passed out a few times. I had to get out and sit down to wipe myself. Then I had to lay down for some time to get enough strength to get up and get dressed.

My first thought was to break my fast, but then I realized the drama had to do with my healing process – regression and I decided to continue my fast to see if I could clear my weakness and dizziness. It worked. After a few hours, I felt almost normal and had plenty of strength to be productive the rest of the day. This included having a fire in nature for at least an hour, in spite of the cold. The weather is freezing here in Virginia, in spite of the blue sky for a few days. After my evening bath I felt a little tired, so I went to bed at 8 pm. After thinking and reading a little, I got energized and got productive until 10 pm. Then I went to sleep and slept soundly until 5:30 am. I got up and went to the bathtub. Time and creativity flew by and I got out of the tub at 8 am.

I felt a little week, so I decided to start breaking my 6 day fast with a little watermelon. I just took a break from writing and had some fresh blueberries. Yum! Yum!
Please notice that my Wednesday adventure could have been a major senility disease. You can find the statistics of people who die of bathtub incidents on the internet. The weakness, dizziness, tendency to pass out I healed in one day. During my five years of senility from 1988 to 1993, it took me much longer to work through these regressions.
In 2002, I also had major regressions that included learning to walk and talk again and others including the moment of the first breath. I wrote these into 3 chapters at the time and are available if you send a donation to me at p o box 1026, Staunton, VA 24402. The articles are called “REGRESSION IS THE CURE FOR SUPPRESSION.”
For the past three weeks, I have been in another regression into birth and infancy memories. Understanding it can be very valuable to you.

The regression is birth and infancy memories. It is amazing how much pain was stored in these memories that have kept me in pain for three weeks. I pity people who go for medical treatment for these symptoms and get worse until they die.

I still have some pain today, but movement usually dissipates it by the end of the day. It is more important to get a handle on the meaning or source of the pain. In my case, it is resentment about the way I was treated during and after my birth. I can see how these suppressed memories were locked into my body until now.

During the past two weeks, I noticed how I resent movement. When I am in the bathtub, if I have to do more than lift my foot and turn on the hot water, it is a major inconvenience. I hate it. After my yesterday’s incident, I could feel the anger in my body all day. It was mainly in my solar plexus area. It was resentment, anger, rage. I can also feel it now as I write these words. For the last 2 weeks or so, these feelings have been coming to the surface as I have been working with this pain – mainly in lower back and front. As I write this I am getting tetany in my thumbs. Whoops! The tetany in thumbs again, so I took a break for more blueberries.

I know that there is sadness under the anger, but I have only reached it so far for a few seconds. It will come to the surface and be felt fully when I feel safe enough. This is probably what is holding what remains of the back pain in place. It is amazing how sometimes a rush of feeling can heal something instantaneously and other times, the healing kind of leaks out gradually piece by piece. These two patterns are seen all the time in our rebirthing work.
I just noticed that sitting straight today is easy and natural. Yesterday it was almost impossible to sit with my back straight. Body memories are so powerful. They can totally control us for decades.

Senility is atrophy from infancy. I have so much anger built into this atrophy memory. Everyone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning or getting out of a relaxed position is suffering from infancy atrophy. Very few people get out of infancy atrophy before they die. This includes professional athletes. Underwater birthing techniques are partially changing this. My friend Igor Tskarkovsky is still working on this atrophy problem in infants. He noticed that underwater birth didn’t completely solve the problem in infants.

Theoretically, I have the solution. Igor was working on solving the problem by developing special exercises for infants, but it didn’t work very well. The real solution, in my opinion, is to focus on the parents.

Some OB friends of mine and myself have noticed that even if you give an enlightened birth to the babies when they go home with their parents who still have birth trauma locked in their bodies, that the babies take on the birth trauma of their parents. This leads to the absurd conclusion that people should have to become senility graduates before being qualified to have children. Although it is absurd, think about it. This means that the parents would already be immortals, to be qualified to have children. When you look at it this way, it is not such a bad idea. Who wouldn’t like to have enlightened immortal parents after a perfect underwater birth.

Back to me! It seems that Babaji caused all my January trainees to reschedule their training in Feb and March. It is amazing how He knows in advance when I require healing time. So I am very glad I have the rest of the month for my healing process. I should be way ahead of being in top form by the end of the month of January. It is amazing how fast I can heal with a little solitude, especially with lots of fire, bathing, fasting, and rest. Total rest is good for me. I don’t know if I will fast next week. It means only 2 days of nutrition. Then only one day???

I have a fantastic library of books and Scriptures. There are so many great Scriptures in the world, that it takes at least 100 years just to read them all once. I just discovered 3 more from my friend Peter in Portugal.

I am very thankful for your support. I will keep you informed of my healing process.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,
Leonard D. Orr


About the Author Leonard D. Orr

Leonard D. Orr
Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, from 1962 to 1975, he discovered and developed the technique known as 'connected breathing', where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

Leonard was spiritually enlightened in 1960, unraveled the death urge he learned from his family tradition in 1967, and had numberless spontaneous birth, prenatal and infancy memories. Leonard sometimes says that his healing and personal evolution was caused by spiritual accidents in the bathtub.

Rebirthing Breathwork, as taught by Leonard Orr, is the original form, which is being practiced widely today by thousands of professional Breathworkers. It is estimated that more than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the healing power of Rebirthing Breathwork as a result of receiving at least 10 high quality individual completed energy cycles with a high quality Rebirther.

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