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The Truth About Leonard's Money and Spiritual Development By Leonard D. Orr


Since I healed my death urge in 1967, I have always been able to earn money faster than I could spend it. And I usually have so much fun earning money that I don’t have time to go shopping and spend money. Buying real estate makes it easy to spend lots of money, but it tends to return the money also in larger amounts. Filling my life and home with junk, even nice junk is not in my value system.

I was raised in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. I spent most of my childhood and early teen years working on a farm. My common sense, simple, and solid values never made fame or riches important to me. When I started in the self-improvement business, I established the multiple guru system, so I could share fame hopefully faster than I could create it. So far, this has been working for me spiritually. In spite of this, most people seem to assume that I am so famous and rich that I don’t require their financial support. In addition to this, my money seminar has assisted so many people in becoming successful financially that some people assume that I am also wealthy from this. The truth is that I have been so busy keeping up with the rebirthing breathwork movement that I don’t even have my own book out on my money seminar. I was happy when associates took my manuscript and turned it into books with themselves as authors so they could profit and spread the principles.

Since I do have a very profound prosperity consciousness, I can create money by serving people seemingly out of nothing and very fast. I have intentionally invested my extra income in the healing of other people and training them in rebirthing and spiritual purification. I have given away an enormous amount of money and my work. I usually do spend most of my income every month or invest it in the healing and training of others every month and start over each month. I don’t have the kind of financial insecurity that causes me to hoard money or other kinds of wealth. The only kind of wealth that I have too much of is good books.

The rest of things I try to keep moving. Babaji told me a few years ago, “If you desire to be rich, you have to stop giving your money away.” Material riches or fancy cars have never appealed to me. I am far more focused on utility, generosity, and spiritual healing of myself and others. I am concerned about the ecology of the planet and the quality of government and community. I am always trying to educate and motivate everyone I know in these same values. I use the money that comes to me as intelligently as possible to advance these causes. Since it is so easy to create income from service, I usually spend all of my money every month. Starting over from nothing is one of the principles of the money seminar that I enjoy practicing.

Babaji also told me the first year I met Him, that I had too many lifetimes in India, evidently as a Saddhu, I had to learn how to spend money. I seem to like giving it away even more than spending it, but I do this also in a very wise way that gives maximum value for the expenditure. I don’t value excess riches, but also don’t waste it.

My desire to heal myself and others has incidentally involved me in real estate purchases, and during the sales of these properties has often given me significant amounts of money, which I usually use to purchase more real estate as healing facilities for others.

First there was Theta House, which served as the first home of the Rebirthing Movement for many years. Then there was Consciousness Village – Campbell Hot Springs, which was the International Training Center for the movement for 15 years. After it was debt free, I held it debt free for over ten years until 2002. Then I gave it away in an interesting way to the New Age Church of Being, when it was worth over 7 million dollars. I gave it away basically because I desired to be in the adult education business, not in the real estate business. The transaction was constructed in a way that enables us to get it back in about 70 years.

CV-CHS was originally purchased by 80 people to be a home for immortals in the Western World. Within a year, most of the 80 disappeared, leaving me with the responsibility of the mortgage and expenses. In 15 years they all disappeared, at least in respect of having any responsible integrity with the property. In 70 years, we can almost automatically have the property back if we like. And in the meantime, anyone who likes to be an owner of the property can just become a member of the board of directors of the New Age Church of Being. I am trusting that in 70 years a group of responsible people will materialize to care for it or that the New Age Church will evolve into the same goals.

I also do a training there at the hot springs once per year, just like I used to do. The difference is that I don’t have to worry about taking care of the real estate between trainings. The property now yields one million dollars per year worth of income. If I loved the real estate business as much as breathwork and spiritual purification and adult education, I would still own it. Money doesn’t produce high quality people. This is what I am most interested in. We can’t even pay people to be good. Good character has to be developed by experience and commitment to truth, simplicity, and love.
The 9 Day Training was invented at CV-CHS in 1981, after my career burnout, when I discovered the healing power and the spiritual power of fire. I had mind, diet, breathing, and bathing together, what was lacking was fire purification. I discovered fire in 1981.

The conceptual or intellectual information in the 9 Day Training is so rich that it takes most people at least a year to begin to digest it. We joke that it gives people spiritual indigestion. Even people who have done the 9 Day Training five or even over 100 times are amazed how much they learn each time and how much they missed the first time, because their understanding was not open to receive it. As we practice truth, our understanding opens to receive more.

The purification practices with the elements during the training also assist in digesting the concepts. I have approximately given this training twice per month for 34 years, which means about 700 times. I am always evaluating the value of it by the results of the trainees. What is obvious is that people require to receive the training more than once. The conditioning of most people from what we call the fifteen biggies of human trauma takes a significant input to transform and to heal. Participating once per year is a good idea.

From Sierraville, California, the rebirthing healing center moved to Chico. California, in 1992, and then moved to Virginia in 1994. We have very functional facilities here in Virginia that I have owned since then. We added another property in 2005. Our RBI Training Center in Virginia is designed for spiritual purification with the elements in spite of the fact that it is in the middle of the city. This is by design, unless people can do spiritual purification in the city, humanity is hopeless. We teach by example.

Now I am trapped with real estate mortgages. I don’t feel completely free to pursue certain spiritual goals I have for my own well-being. You can free me from this responsibility if you like. You just have to donate $10 per month or more, or $120 per year if it is easier for you to make one annual payment.

From time to time, the generosity of people in the Rebirthing Movement was such that I had more gift income in the mail than I needed for everything and I used this as well as most of my personal income to subsidize the healing and training of other people, mainly at the RBI Training centers. It is not unusual for me to live and support my family on less than 10% of my earned income – sometimes even !%. Most people just don’t seem to understand this. My abundant gift income stopped paradoxically during my senility years from 1988 to 1994, when I needed it the most. The problem of support during senility seems to be one of the traumatic traps of senility. Since 1993, when I became a senility graduate, my energy has been practically boundless. This energy kept me working worldwide constantly for over 20 years without much break. I took a little rest or slowed down a bit in 2013.

Now I would like to do some advanced spiritual experiments. I can do this next year if I can count on your support. I would like to do a 40 day fast on water only in February and a 40 day air fast in August of 2016. It would be best if working is optional during these fasts.

I will be working at the RBI Training Center most of the year at least next year, you can also come for training or encourage others to come and also support me in this way. Trainings are the biggest source of income to Rebirth International.

Another paradox, is that is healing senility and old age is valuable, then since my value has increased, the generosity toward me has not. Since senility in 1993, giving is gradually increasing again to support my very valuable spiritual and humanitarian projects. My senility process was 5 years of very intense full time healing experiences. I wrote a revolutionary book about this process called, “The Secrets of Youthing.” Most people have more denial about senility than even death. In spite of the fact that most supermarkets around the world have adult diaper sections, most people would probably rather die than use them. Do you have diapers in your future? Does the thought of this frighten you? In depth rebirthing and spiritual purification has the potential of eliminating diapers from your future. Are you ignorant or in denial about all of this?

What we are doing in the rebirthing movement is radical and a great pioneering experiment.

Although, there are a few generous people who have been dependable givers through all times, good and lean, it would be nice to see the generosity of people who have benefited from the Rebirthing work increase. I would like to see it exceed my pre-senility years. We cannot overvalue the worth of training more and more Rebirthing Breathworkers. Sometimes when Rebirthers require healing and training the most is when they don’t have money to pay for it. I have always tried to maintain a full time healing center to give this kind of support from the very beginning. I have usually been able to serve people with my scholarship policy whether they pay or not. I desire your regular and dependable support for this worthy goal, especially now when I would like to pursue some valuable spiritual experiences for my own personal growth and purification without sacrificing the work of the training center.

As I explained above, I have prosperity consciousness and earn money easily and rapidly, but I usually spend it or invest it in the healing process of others as fast as I create it. Your gifts can actually be considered a return on this investment. Most Scriptures teach that generosity is the best investment for everyone. As a result of my prosperity consciousness, people assume I am rich or that I don’t need their financial support. And although millions of people have benefited from my work, too few have rewarded me appropriately.

Some people wonder why I write fund raising letters like this and even criticize me for it. I do it because it works and gives people the accurate picture that is usually quite new to them. The largest gift I ever received was $120,000. That happened over 20 years ago. Now I could easily spend a million on very amazing healing projects. As stated below, this could be a normal annual income for RBI if our clients got excited about our organization.

The CV-CHS community was in the country. The Virginia Training Center is now in small cities, for a reason. We are trying to build spiritual community among people that are relatively successful and responsible for themselves, at least materially.

Next year, 2016, I would like the space to do a 40 day fast on water only in the spring – probably February. And then do another 40 day fast on air only in the summer or fall. This takes a certain amount of concentration and preparation. I would like to be free of the financial responsibility of the training center during these experiences. Being fully responsible for myself and my time during these experiments is enough. As implied above, I would like to be in the healing business rather than the real estate business. This time the healing is on me.

I did similar experiments in the early 1980’s. It is time for me to visit the spiritual spaces that these experiments take me to again. Your financial support will make this a lot easier.

The rebirthing movement has served millions of people with the Breath of Life. Rebirth International could have so much cash flow that I might be distracted to just manage and spend it. With a little enthusiasm from you perhaps we can create this problem. I am sure I can find good managers to use the extra income wisely.

The fact is that the rebirthing-breathwork movement is so large that if you generated a little enthusiasm, we could pay off the mortgages of the RBI Training Center and take the movement worldwide to a whole new level of prosperity and achievement. We have properties all over the world. Although in most cases they require experienced and successful leadership more than money, it would be great if we could push these properties into greater quality and productivity. I could accelerate this if RBI had some salaried staff members.

To give you just one example, a nun in Brazil has created a spiritual purification center and paid for it that will offer free training with free food and lodging to people who make a three month commitment to do spiritual purification full time during the three months at her center. This nun is a most amazing saint. I have lots of stories about her work and her virtues. She is an amazing rebirther.

There are many other centers with this kind of integrity that require competent leadership. I am training leaders as efficiently as I can. Would you like to be one?

Rebirthing Breathwork is expanding rapidly everywhere. It will be great if the organization can keep pace with it and offer more services to clients as well as the thousands of self-employed professionals. Historically, Rebirthers have been shortsighted in supporting an organization that can support them as they mature in the work. This has led to more failure than necessary. More rebirthers have failed than succeeded. A properly financed organization with properly trained personnel can increase the success and reduce the failures. It takes time to create the kind of organization, meetings, and various support systems that encourage the success of individuals starting out in this profession. Although the profession is by no means new, each new person aspiring to professional success requires special attention. I know how to provide this, but I have to get out of the pressure of leading two 9 Day Trainings each month to provide it and have a little dependable financial support to do so. It also takes experienced and enlightened associates.
We cannot overestimate the value of a rebirther who takes 50 people through ten sessions per year. The rebirthers who do this are amazingly successful. We have to increase the number of people that are operating at this level of success.
I have often been asked why I didn’t franchise our profession. I have lots of reasons. I will just say that the self-employed, independent model works best. It is not possible to train people to be responsible in an artificial environment. Real leaders have to be trained in the real world of real responsibility for themselves and their clients. Next time you see me I will give you more details if you are interested.

The pillars of successful Rebirthers who last are:
---Spiritual Enlightenment.
---Spiritual Purification.
---Spiritual Community.

These are not superficial things. These are not theories. These are extremely valuable and enduring practices that can sustain people in our work. Building a successful profession on these essentials takes lots of guidance in the beginning. It takes intelligent, intuitive, experienced people who are good communicators to implement these lasting pillars of success. Once trained in reality, we can buy their time to assist others, but without success by reality, what are they able to train others to do – pass on empty theories? Our work has to be reality based and result based.

Our clients and our fellow professionals would enrich their lives immeasurable if they only attended the Annual RBI Convention or one of my 9 Day Trainings once per year. Most of our associates give the excuse of financial pressures for not attending, but we have the keys to get out of these pressures. The Breathworkers who are wise enough to do come to the annual conventions, know and experience the benefits. The highest quality Breathworkers and trainers usually spend lots of time training with me. Several have participated in my 9 Day Training dozens or even hundreds of times. My training system seems to work if people expose themselves to it sufficiently. Some of these people have become among the most successful and intuitive healers in the world.

We have an RBI convention every July in Virginia and at other times in several parts of the world. Fanny van Laere and I produced an amazing book, “The Manual for Rebirthers.” If you can find a better self-improvement book on the planet to support your own healing and mastery, we would like to know about it. This book is in English, Spanish, and Portugese. I would like to see regular study groups in every city on the planet that has rebirthers. The book is not just for professionals, but all conscious breathers interested in healing the biggies and achieving personal mastery. I challenge you to master it in less than 3 years of daily study. The book is designed to heal the emotional mind.

My “The New Rebirthing Book” which is a combination of four of my books under one cover is very sophisticated and also deserves more attention of all energy breathers. Millions of copies are required, not just thousands. Reading good literature works.

My “Breaking the Death Habit” book is in over ten languages. I have yet to receive royalties since it was published in 1999. It has inspired one university to accept physical immortality and rebirthing and spiritual purification as the education of the future. I have to write a whole newsletter about this project when I have time. The things that are actually happening in our movement are amazing. The book deserves to be more successful.

Breathworkers think they can survive without supporting an organization when things are going good. When they run into trouble at some point, they feel it is too late to benefit from the organization, or that the organization does not have the resources to assist them because of their own neglect of the organization. This is not wisdom. Wisdom is to support Rebirth International consistently all the time, at least until we have heaven on earth. We may never get there without a strong RBI. It is difficult to overemphasize the contribution we are making. We are giving people the Breath of Life. We are also giving people perhaps the most practical system of spiritual psychology and self-healing the world has ever seen.
I, of course, have watched the trends of breathworkers and our students from the beginning. People have to be intelligent enough to create an organization and to participate in a way that actually works and is sustainable. We require more of these people. Anyone can join. Just send a donation to RBI and start participating.

One year seminars are amazing support systems. The rebirthing movement was created and nourished in the context of one year seminars. One year seminars stimulate people to get beyond the superficial. This structure has to be expanded. Doing this may require a budget for full time coordinators.

We have lots of centers and real estate available to us all over the world. What is lacking most is competent and experienced leadership and personnel. The love, intuition, experience, and communication skill embodied in a real person is not that easy to find. The rebirthers who actually take 50 people through ten sessions per year are special people. They are among the greatest healers on the planet. You have to actually do this in order to appreciate it.
The RBI Training Center is a center that consistently contributes to the quality of Life on this planet. It deserves our support. My desire is to have a team of a few dozen of these competent rebirthers here at the Virginia Training Center, also called Inspiration University, and for all of us to work around the world as well as locally here is Virginia. Would you like to join us?

Now you know about Leonard’s money. You know what I have and what I don’t have. RBI currently has a budget of around $ 100,000 per year.

The truth about my spiritual development is based on the three worlds. There is the world of Spirit, the world of Mind, and the Material world.

The world of Spirit is always perfect.
The world of Matter is also always perfect as long as it exists.
The world of Mind is where all the trouble exists.
The more we liberate the mind, the more we experience the bliss of the Spirit. The more we liberate the mind, the more beautiful the world of matter and the senses become. We have to liberate the body from the mind. The body is a perfect expression of Shiva-Shakti – Intelligent Energy. We can learn so much when we stay conscious of what is going on in our body.

The material world is always 100% Spirit. The beauty of it is dependent upon the mind as well as the Source-The Supreme Brahman. As we liberate the mind of its negativity, our Infinite, Eternal Spirit makes everything glow and become a source of bliss. A trainee of mine way back in the 1970’s said in the middle of one of my trainings, “The world really is heaven. Everyone who doesn’t see this has to leave.” As she was driving home through nature she saw the beauty and living vibrations of the earth. We can even see heaven in a shopping mall.

The paradox is that when we see Intelligent Energy everywhere, matter becomes a source of enlightenment and bliss – even continuous bliss. This idea is taught in some of the great Scriptures. Everything is the Supreme Brahman.
Death is only attractive to people who have made their minds and lives into such a mess that leaving the body is tempting as a quick fix. But if it worked you would be perfect by now. You have already had many deaths, vacations in heaven, and reincarnations. How many more do you need? Death doesn’t work. Death is a result of mind ruts. Only life works. Being Spirit, Mind, and Body works! Our body is already perfect as an expression of our mind. When we change our mind, our body also changes. We can have a body that we like, if we are willing to consistently control our mind to create it, and to express the natural, eternal perfection of our Spirit – the Eternally Perfect Energy. We do this by constantly studying our Divine Nature.

The means to do this is built into our divine nature. This is not a superficial thing. We have to master words like, persistence, endurance, consistency, spiritual purification, relationships, enlightenment, generosity, discipline, clarity, and even gentleness with ourselves. Self-love is basic. Staying connected to Source is basic. Practicing the Presence is basic. Living in the now is basic. Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, and spiritual community are the magic words. To build a profession on these magic words takes some wisdom. It takes love, clarity about money, and communication skill.

The goal of civilization is to give us more pleasure, peace, and love. The purpose of the world is to give us perfect support. The goal of material prosperity is pleasure and ease, peace and safety. It is interesting that people abuse their Spirit so much that they think dying is the way to heaven. The human mind can really be insane. We lack common sense and spiritual intelligence as well as emotional intelligence. All the Scriptures present heaven on earth as the goal. Earth is where the real action is. When you feel safe enough, action and inaction are interpenetrating as Krishna teaches in the Gita. They can become the same thing to the wise.

We have to integrate the world of the Spirit, the world of the Mind, and the world of Matter. This is the perpetual job of the mind. The Infinite, Eternal, Spirit can only know Itself with the Mind. Human minds and bodies can only create misery and destroy themselves with the Mind. Without the mind, the body can be perfect forever like a rock. The human body is the height of creation. It is built to last forever through eternal renewal. The renewal has to start in the mind.
We have to choose our own existence and learn artistic self-expression as God does in His immortal Babaji bodies. As co-creators, we can have as much fun as God is having.
The physical world is earth, air, water, and fire. The body is the intelligent interaction of earth, air, water, and fire. Is fire spiritual or physical? Is air spiritual or physical? Is water spiritual or physical? The earth seems physical, but it is always in motion at fantastic speeds. It actually changes every moment in many ways. Our mind and the quality of human society have more to do with the relative stability and permanence of the earth than we realize. We may find this out if we don’t get smart real fast.

I recently noticed that to stay in uninhibited bliss I have to give up all criticism, even innocent criticism and judgements about ourselves, others, and even circumstances. It is ok to notice things and the quality or lack of quality of things, but we have to instantly give up all of our negative thoughts and feelings about them. Just notice things that aren’t working as good as they could and instantly move on to something beautiful and productive. Notice the Source. Lift everything instantly into the Source. Or at least lift our attention to the perfect Source. We can let things be and move on. We can see the beauty in everything, even imperfection. If there actually is imperfection, we can allow it to take care of itself. We can see it all and not lose the ecstasy of our Unity with all creation. The physical universe is always in ecstasy. It is only the stupid mind that is not. Imperfections have a way of becoming perfect and the next time we look, we are amazed. God is very practical and productive – all the time.
This means that physical pleasure is God. Physical pleasure is the subjective experience of the love of God. The physical senses are God experiencing Himself or Herself in the Creation. The eyes see beauty. The ears hear ecstasy. The nose smells delicious. The touch feels pleasure and goodness. The taste can put us into temporary bliss and it is usually renewable as often as we like. Life is a search for sensual pleasure – searching for God in manifestation. The more we are connected to God, the more pleasure we can feel. We are enjoying the loving gifts which God has prepared for us. The more liberated we become, the sharper our senses become. The more alive we are, the more alive our senses are. Spiritual development enriches the senses. Spiritual development increases our capacity for sensual pleasure.

The paradox is that the more enlightened we are, the more temptations we have and feel. Spiritual liberation is the source of greater sensual pleasure. This of course can be another trap. We have to master the two most powerful words in every language: yes and no. Obviously, we have to master the ability of say no to ourselves to get liberated in the first place, but we also require this ability ten times as much after liberation. We have to learn balance and appropriateness and to love ordinariness.

Feeling legitimate and wholesome pleasures are the realization of godliness – feeling the Love of God. We can also call it blissing out in nature. The automobile and the computer are divine gifts as are trees. Sitting in a tree all day can become as un-pleasurable as sitting with a computer. It is good to exchange one pleasure for another. Even sexual orgasm can become painful when we overdue it. Entering the Space between our thoughts is the ultimate Source of all pleasure. This can become an all-consuming pleasure all by Itself. The void is not void, but the Substance of all Life. The Void is the Substance of the Senses. The Nothing has qualities as well as the Everything. We are always a balance between the Everything and the Nothing.

Pleasure without guilt is pleasure with intelligence, it also involves ethics. Pleasure is temporary when we disconnect from Source. This connection is the Source of all pleasure. Connecting to the physical universe is connecting to Source. The physical universe is Spirit in manifestation. It is the Eternal Spirit inside that makes it feel real outside. Some of the immortal masters have meditated in silence for thousands of years. The Spirit is inside and outside. The physical universe is always 100% Spirit. The mind is Spirit thinking.
In touching, a certain amount of pressure is pleasure. Too much pressure can cause pain and injury. The right amount of pressure can cause insatiable pleasure. Satisfaction is the temporariness of all created things. We are always bouncing between The Everything and The Nothing. This is the continuous wonder of the Creator and the Created. Nataraj is the eternal dance.

Another person can be the object of eternal love and pleasure, because a person is the container and embodiment of all the three worlds: Spirit, Mind, and Body – Energy, Thought and Form. It may be ok to worship people, especially if they are the embodiment of virtue, truth, simplicity, and love. Loving relationships can last forever and should last forever. We may not be able to marry everybody, but we can love everybody forever, especially if they deserve it. As conscious beings we are always changing. As embodiments of the Source, we are always lovable and full of pleasure. Ecstasy is a beautiful word. Our very being and physical presence gives pleasure, health, prosperity, and enlightenment to all that we meet. Just concentrating on our own Being is enough to fill us and others with bliss. Beautiful bodies, minds, and activities are pluses - the frosting on the cake. Ram and Sita have had a successful marriage for over 100,000 years. It really doesn’t matter how many divorces it takes to get there. We all have perhaps already had enough separations by death to deserve a good relationship in this life. Perhaps we all deserve the perfect relationship.

On the other hand, if divorce is a way out of “until death do us part”, then perhaps the increasing divorce rate is a source of increasing life expectancy statistics. This seems to be actually happening. I have successful relationships with over 1000 women. I am not talking about sexual relationships, but real successful relationships. We always like to see each other coming. No pun intended. We enjoy being together, working together, entertaining each other with our stories. We have fun doing almost anything: walking, talking, not talking, sitting, doing nothing. The intimacy of our spirits is richer than sex. We like each other: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are not a threat to each other’s mates, if we have one. We have a beautiful intimacy and freedom. We are always celebrating each other and ourselves in each other’s presence. We can call it a loving relationship in the richest sense of the words.

And living in the reality beyond the mind and senses is also pleasure. It is the Source of all. Out of the Nothing we can create Everything. We have to love the Nothing as much as the Everything. We are always in between. We are always experimenting with the Nothing and the Everything. We are always materializing and dematerializing. When we are not fighting it, the Nothing is also pure pleasure. It is the Source of all sensual pleasures. It is the Source of all the senses. It is the Source of Everything. It is the Source of mental, physical, and spiritual pleasures. We are always living in and working on the Everything to improve it.
I welcome your participation in my Life.

Truth, Simplicity, and Love are real things. Spirit, Mind, and Matter are ultimate realities. Full enlightenment makes them dependent upon each other. They are always interpenetrating each other. Our Infinite Intelligence is controlling this reality. Babaji is our ultimate playmate.

It only takes $10 per month to build an organization to improve the teaching and support of the teachers of these high quality ideas. If you contribute this much or more each month and get enthusiastic about it, we can build a sustainable organization. This is a worthy goal.

RBI is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors. Some people like donating to organizations and some people prefer donating to me personally because they trust me. Take your choice. All the funds beyond what are required for the projects that I creatively control go into RBI anyway.

We welcome your participation. Let’s get RBI and all Rebirthers into greater abundance.

Send gifts to Rebirth International or Leonard D. Orr, at:
P. O. Box 1026, Staunton, Va 24402, or do credit card or PayPal payments.

Truth, Simplicity and Love,

Leonard D. Orr


About the Author Leonard D. Orr

Leonard D. Orr
Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, from 1962 to 1975, he discovered and developed the technique known as 'connected breathing', where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

Leonard was spiritually enlightened in 1960, unraveled the death urge he learned from his family tradition in 1967, and had numberless spontaneous birth, prenatal and infancy memories. Leonard sometimes says that his healing and personal evolution was caused by spiritual accidents in the bathtub.

Rebirthing Breathwork, as taught by Leonard Orr, is the original form, which is being practiced widely today by thousands of professional Breathworkers. It is estimated that more than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the healing power of Rebirthing Breathwork as a result of receiving at least 10 high quality individual completed energy cycles with a high quality Rebirther.

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