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Fasting, the Great Blessing By Leonard D. Orr

LOrrH100Fasting enables us to be healthy and feel good most of the time. Fasting is a discipline of pleasure. Fasting gives the physical body a break, an opportunity to rest for many of our organs, it cleans and balances our Energy Body, and teaches us many things.

The one day per week fast is an amazing practice. I have been doing this for most of at least 40 years. My body is very thankful and loves me for it.

Today during my fast this week, I am noticing again how the fast cleans my large intestine. When I overeat on my eating days, my colon can feel full and even blocked. But on my fast day, it can clear itself and feel empty and free. Fasting cleans the mind and body more than we can measure. It is good for our mental and physical health. Fasting enables the body to heal the soul. Out colon and other functions of the body can clean emotional energy pollution as well as dietary pollution.

For men it perhaps can be a substitute for menstruation in women. But I have noticed that women who fast weekly or regularly have an easier time with menstruation and get more benefit for their menstruation. Women who depend too much on menstruation for their spiritual purification process have a tendency to die after menopause. Each spiritual purification practice that we do regularly, makes life much easier and more pleasurable. It is good to cooperate with our own Divine Nature and do what is good for us.

Fasting itself can be pleasurable and even give us psychedelic experiences. I often have unusual experiences of pleasurable feelings in my body or amazing bliss during my fast day. Sometimes my body has amazing rushes of freedom during a fast day. Sometimes my mind sees life in a totally different and refreshing way. I always feel fantastic at the end of the day. There is always a feeling of victory. I often look forward to my fast day as much as my first eating day afterwards. But sometimes the day after a fast, food doesn’t interest me as much. The Divine Energy I received from the fast can last a while.

Sometimes I feel like extending my fast two or more days and it is very easy and fulfilling.

Eating food is much more pleasurable the other 6 days of the week. My sense of taste works better. All aspects of eating feel better. I can relax and enjoy my meals more fully. The purpose of eating is to give us energy, but when we eat too much food it can do just the opposite. Eating can make us sluggish and sick. Fasting as a discipline of pleasure can make our whole life more pleasurable. If fasting is a little difficult, the great blessing and rewards are always there. We can usually procrastinate by eating more, but fasting is too good to neglect or put off until later.

Fasting also can teach us self-control which can be very valuable in other areas of our life. The ability to say no to ourselves, is basic to well-being. When we master this, we can use it to say no to all kinds of negative thoughts and experiences.

Yes and no may be the most powerful words in every language.

The basic functions of the mind are to create and destroy or to notice our Divine Nature. The ability to say no to ourselves, our own mind, is a very great power. It can prevent all kinds of misery and negativity.


About the Author Leonard D. Orr

Leonard D. Orr
Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, from 1962 to 1975, he discovered and developed the technique known as 'connected breathing', where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

Leonard was spiritually enlightened in 1960, unraveled the death urge he learned from his family tradition in 1967, and had numberless spontaneous birth, prenatal and infancy memories. Leonard sometimes says that his healing and personal evolution was caused by spiritual accidents in the bathtub.

Rebirthing Breathwork, as taught by Leonard Orr, is the original form, which is being practiced widely today by thousands of professional Breathworkers. It is estimated that more than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the healing power of Rebirthing Breathwork as a result of receiving at least 10 high quality individual completed energy cycles with a high quality Rebirther.

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