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GOOD GOVERNMENT Conscious Politics, Intelligent Citizenship by Leonard D. Orr and Friends

Leonard OrrGovernment is a common word with meaning that most people agree upon. We may not agree what good government is.  The ideal of the United States constitution of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” is one of the best ideas.

Politics has many meanings.  Some of them have great emotional charge. Here I use the word for political activity of all kinds, but am broadening the meaning to include adult education, perhaps universal adult education, and group therapy.  

Perhaps with these two additional meanings we can have world peace or even heaven on earth.

Intelligent citizenship may refer to the fact that most problems with government don’t originate with government at all, but ignorant citizens are the problem.  If we can solve the problem of ignorant, apathetic citizens, we can eliminate all bad governments – local as well as international.

I started writing about democracy, government, and politics in the early 1960’s.  My books were so simple and effective at solving the problems of the world, that I found nobody was interested.  The true solutions are so common sense realistic and effective that I observed that everyone said.  “Yes, that is obviously the solution.”  And they went their way and did nothing with the ideas as if they would automatically become reality by themselves.

After 50 years, I observe that no matter how good ideas actually are, they don’t work by themselves. We have to put our effort and money behind them. And that money is required only for the purpose of buying people’s time to put more effort into the ideas.

To make government, politics, and citizens more effective, we have to understand two ideas:  high quality information and structure. By high quality information I mean that the ideas we put into action in government have to be really good ideas.  A political structure is only as good as the ideas that are run through it.  

Good ideas with rich wisdom can be generated with discussion with lots of people. Structure in society or government is measured by the ration of representation.  Republican Democracy works or not depending upon the ratio of representation.  

The Founding Fathers of the United States in their original convention spent a lot of time on this issue.  They concluded that one elected representative for every 50,000 people on the national level was essential to guarantee the quality of government on the national level.  This rule was presented to the States along with the Bill of Rights as amendments to the constitution, but was not ratified by the States.  This was the biggest mistake made in the formation of our national government and we have been paying for it ever since.

Apathy is created by non-involvement.  Population expansion diluted the ration of representation in the United States to the point that the average or even intelligent citizen feels hopeless and helpless when it comes to national government.  Our congressional representatives represent over 500,000 people today, not 50,000.  This may seem abstract to unintelligent citizens, but it guarantees ignorance and non-involvement and apathy. 

It takes an adequate ration of representation to keep citizens interested, informed, and active.  A smaller ratio gives us a voice.  It enables us to know our elected representatives and influence them.  It enables our representatives to talk to us.  It enables us to find thriving competitors to challenge the incumbents during every election.

It enables everyone, voters and candidates, to be more issue oriented than money for election oriented.   This makes politics an adult educational system that is vital to the health of every country.

We are talking about the RATIO OF REPRESENTATION.  It may seem abstract and second place to the hot issue of the day, but it is the key to success for every issue, hot or not.  

This single principle is the secret not only to good government, but to the quality of LIFE in our whole society.  This issue transforms government from a power struggle into an adult educational system.   This means that the curriculum of this educational system is alive and meaningful to every person on the planet.  Politics is the basic humanitarian and spiritual school of this world.  It is the Maha Maya Ashram.   It is the college of reality.

Government, politics, and citizenship are adult education, psychotherapy, and group therapy. The conflict of opposing opinions is therapy for the debaters – emotional healing as well as intellectual expansion.  Open discussion about public issues is very powerful.  It is the best education and it is an educational process that produces instant results, not only in the debaters, but also in the world.

Public opinions do matter, not only in our society, but in our personal psyches. They make a difference in how we feel as well as how we live. They make a difference in our emotional comfort as well as our environment.

An enlightened citizenry is the secret to heaven on earth as well as peace in the world. An enlightened citizenry can produce any level of prosperity that we agree upon.  This starts with supporting our farmers, instead of putting them out of business.  It starts with a money system that circulates money back to consumers in a fair and orderly way.  Consumer spending is 70% or the economy, but consumers require a regular supply of money from the money system itself to enable money to work as a means of exchange.  Prosperity expands when we educate people to be self-employed, because the self-employed people employ the rest of the people.  Jobs are created by self-employed people.

People create new businesses when their creativity is encouraged and easy financing is available to bring their great ideas into production and to take them to the marketplace.

We now are faced with the same conundrum of Plato.  He concluded that the only good government was one governed by philosopher Kings.  But he never figured out how to educate these kings?   The solution is that we the people have to educate ourselves to be wise rulers of ourselves in a republican democracy.  To educate ourselves and each other we have to talk to each other regularly: daily, monthly, and annually. We have to have a political structure that enables us to do this.

The ideal structure I call NEIGHBORHOOD REPRESENTATION.  This is the idea of having one elected representative for every 1,000 people at least.  One rep for each one thousand citizens is the minimum ration of representation that is meaningful and logistically possible to give us an effective voice in our political present and future.  It may be the only way that we can prevent government from doing more harm than good.  

Neighborhood representatives and protect us from government.  They can enable us to make government serve us.  When these elected full time representatives are working, they can clean up government on all levels as well as clean up our neighborhoods on all levels.

This is grass roots politics at its best.  In our present system, whenever a hot issue creates a grass roots organization that does something about it.  When the issue ceases to be hot, the grass roots organization dies.  What is required is a permanent grass roots organization that endures month after month and year after year that can deal not only with the hottest issues, but also ordinary and persistent things that are important, but not as controversial and the hottest issue of the day.  In fact, today we are so overwhelmed by so many hot issues that we don’t do anything about any of them.  People are into hopelessness and helplessness.

The economics of NR’s is simple and affordable. When each of the 1000 people contribute only $10 per month, it gives them an income of $10,000 per month. This is still a high paying job in our society.  This job is becoming the most valuable and fulfilling job in our economy.   Our NR is not only our educator of local, state, and national governments, but also of our 999 neighbors.  They are real leaders and with the time and practical power to get things done.

These leaders not only hold a monthly town meeting in our neighborhood, they also meet in each political district monthly with the elected rep for each district.  In other words, they meet monthly with other NRs in our congressional district.  Both our congressman and our senators better be there or they may be looking to be replaced in the next district election.  The same is true for state and local districts.  

As mentioned above I have been writing about this idea, lecturing about it, and offering myself for 50 years as the first NR.  The most support I have had in any one year is from 100 people.  This was encouraging, but only a few retained their support for more than that one year.

Think about it.  A monthly town meeting for 1000 citizens has the potential of being the greatest live experience of humanity available.  It is not only a political experience, but a social experience, and educational experience, a spiritual experience, and can contain neighborhood musicians and be an entertainment and artistic experience.  With a little creative leadership this monthly town meeting can be the richest event of our month.  It costs only $10 and our participation.  It easily can become the best investment of our time as well as our ten dollars.

I, Leonard D. Orr, am willing to implement these ideas, but I require your support.

The best idea to do this is to give you the concept of elected Neighborhood Representative at large.  
This means that no mater where you live on the planet, you can make me your Elected Representative.  Your support can enable me to go full time.

Doing this, can give you immediate benefits, and will eventually come back to you when the idea and practice of Neighborhood Representatives becomes universal and is a reality in your neighborhood in your country and locality.  Invest in it now!

In the meantime, you can have the satisfaction of contributing to the best idea in the world for peace and prosperity and spiritual enlightenment and well being.  You can make the difference.
We have over 4000 people on our mailing list.  If the usual 25% of you open this mail and act on it, you will see results overnight.  

Please send $10 or $100 more or less to Leonard D. Orr,   to, P.O. Box 1026, Staunton, VA 24402, USA.   If your prefer Paypal, send to 

I already have a few dozen enlightened people who send me $10 or hundreds each month.  It takes a community of 1,000 or more to make the NR project fly.  You are worth it.  Please make the commitment and continue with integrity until the idea of NR becomes a reality in one or more countries or in all countries.

Any extra income I receive will of course be directed to supporting more NR’s into action.  This is an idea and a movement that you can believe in and support.  It is real political education.

I have been working on this idea for 50 years.  I am committed to it, obviously.  I have written many articles and books on it.  When you send your donation, I will begin to share with you all kinds of wonderful information.

For the benefit of yourself, your community, your country, and your planet, please act now. I look forward to working with you in the age of truth for the enlightenment and practical education of all people. 

For Paypal donations:  if you have a Paypal account, you can send your payment directly to .    If you don’t have a Paypal account, please go to, click on donations and use a credit or debit card.

This intro is the beginning of my newest book on the subject.  Stay tuned.

Truth, Simplicity and Love,
Leonard D. Orr


About the Author Leonard D. Orr

Leonard D. Orr
Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, from 1962 to 1975, he discovered and developed the technique known as 'connected breathing', where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

Leonard was spiritually enlightened in 1960, unraveled the death urge he learned from his family tradition in 1967, and had numberless spontaneous birth, prenatal and infancy memories. Leonard sometimes says that his healing and personal evolution was caused by spiritual accidents in the bathtub.

Rebirthing Breathwork, as taught by Leonard Orr, is the original form, which is being practiced widely today by thousands of professional Breathworkers. It is estimated that more than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the healing power of Rebirthing Breathwork as a result of receiving at least 10 high quality individual completed energy cycles with a high quality Rebirther.

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