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Spiritual Centers for Young Immortals by Leonard D. Orr

LOrrH100Rebirthers all over the world are developing a network of spiritual purification centers for young immortals to play in. If you are a young immortal, find out how and where you can participate. The easy way is to join the Young Immortals 1008 Friends Club.

Along with Pauline and Peter's center in Austraila, we have at least one other one here called Forest Hideaway. My next 9 day training will be here in December 2014. I am looking forward to it. I just visited it in advance. Created by Leesa and Andrew, it is in Queensland, South of Brisbane. It can serve two dozen people more or less. They have a pool, dhunis, several bathtubs, most rooms have a fridge and kitchenette. A laundry is available.

With a bathtub and fireplace, it is much easier to live forever. Although they lack a 24 hour restaurant and room service to be classified as a 5 Star Hotel, this could also be arranged if appropriate communication is done with the owners. The fire element makes it much better than a 5 Star Hotel. Some 5 Star Hotels are death traps.

In the United States we have the RBI TRAINING CENTER IN VIRGINIA.

In Portugal, we have Ana Cadima's attractive spiritual purification center which she designed beautifully on the Elements. Here you can enjoy retreats integrating spiritual purification, cleansing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic programs, Rebirthing, art therapy programs, and fusion with the Mother Earth to help the transmutation of our script of life. Ana also enjoys organizing programs for small groups of 5 to 6 people. (Contact Ana at anacadima33 @ gmail .com, +351 91 273 56 86).

In Spain we have Mavi Carreres' Bam Bam Bhole Center in the beautiful the countryside of Valencia. Opened since 1986, the center offers Rebirthing, spiritual purification, yoga, full moon celebrations, and more.

We also have Silke Modersohn's center, Pura Vida, located in the paradise of the Canary Islands, Spain. At Pura Vida you can enjoy Rebirthing sessions and trainings along with yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic cooking, organic gardening courses, fire walks and much more. (Contact Silke Modersohn; puravidasilke @ gmail. com, +34 620 641 200, +34 922 544 673, Skype: silkemodersohn).

In Chile you will find Astrid Brinck's center. (Contact Astrid at: 5699 278 6246,

In Germany, we have Heike Strombach's center, which has been operating for over 20 years.

In India, there is a rebirthing center in construction, in Herakhan, in addition to Babaji's Ashram. Uday, a Babaji devotee has lots of land in Herakhan and is willing to build, homes, apartments, time-shares, etc. If you are interested, contact him. Babaji once told me His devotees would build an ecological city in the environment of His ashram, which has been His home from the beginning of time. It is a very special place in the Universe.

I will add information about the other spiritual purification centers in India and in many countries as I have more time to write about them.

Our Young Immortals 1008 Friends Club has more spiritual purification facilities and resources than we can each use. We have to live for centuries to use them all. And each century, more are being created by our young immortal friends.

The Rebirthing – Babaji Movement has many other centers, which we have to acknowledge in an organized way. This mention is just a beginning.

We have more and more centers available to us each year. It is good for each of us to contribute and make our mark in each center, by building beautiful Dhunis or whatever we feel like contributing. We can give workshops and trainings, or just be paying guests and experience our own purification and healing and raise the quality of our own energy for whatever career we are engaged in.

Each spiritual purification center can heal career burnout and all kinds of diseases and limitations. We can all become young immortal masters. This is what our centers are for. They are maintained by their founders or owners as resources for our healing and personal aliveness. They are resorts for young immortals, where we can celebrate our natural divinity and do the spiritual practices that actually work to realize our NATURAL DIVINITY.

We can celebrate each new center that becomes available to us and all the people that it serves.

Our membership and participation in the YOUNG IMMORTALS 1008 FRIENDS CLUB TENDS TO SUPPORT THEM ALL.

It has been two weeks since my birthday and my 3 Day Rebirthing experience. The residual energy concentrations have disappeared. I feel clearer than before the experience. I seem to have lost my interest in comfort foods, and somewhat in eating all together. Eating seems less important than just Being. Life feels richer and there is no need for props. Enjoying the good life feels totally natural.

My pleasure with japa has returned. It is amazing how fulfilling basic mantras can be.

When our Life is filled with Spirit, the mind always feels rich and the physical universe always feel good. Negativity tends to disappear. Even our own unpleasant memories tend to dissolve into nothing, as mine just did. When we let go of our unpleasant experiences, we have difficulty remembering them.

Actually, this can be a disadvantage, because those who forget history, tend to repeat it. It is good to remember our unpleasantness at least enough so that we are not tempted to repeat it. Unraveling the birth-death cycle has to become a part of our adult education. Remembering how we got to perfect existence, perfect consciousness, and perfect bliss also has to become a part of our adult education.

Creating the perfect adult educational system has always been God's biggest problem from the beginning of time and probably will be until the end of time. We, as co-creators, may be able to solve this problem for God. I am sure He will appreciate it.

Do you have the solution?

Truth, Simplicity, and Love,
Leonard D. Orr

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About the Author Leonard D. Orr

Leonard D. Orr
Leonard D. Orr

Leonard Orr is the discoverer and founder of the worldwide Rebirthing Breathwork movement. As a result of spontaneous rebirthing experiences, from 1962 to 1975, he discovered and developed the technique known as 'connected breathing', where the inhale and exhale are merged with no pause in between. This is the natural breathing rhythm of babies, animals, and most young children. This technique is used today in hundreds of various forms of breathing styles.

Leonard was spiritually enlightened in 1960, unraveled the death urge he learned from his family tradition in 1967, and had numberless spontaneous birth, prenatal and infancy memories. Leonard sometimes says that his healing and personal evolution was caused by spiritual accidents in the bathtub.

Rebirthing Breathwork, as taught by Leonard Orr, is the original form, which is being practiced widely today by thousands of professional Breathworkers. It is estimated that more than 10 million people around the globe have experienced the healing power of Rebirthing Breathwork as a result of receiving at least 10 high quality individual completed energy cycles with a high quality Rebirther.

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If you are interested in breathwork or earth magic you could sign up for our monthly(ish) newsletter which brings you all the latest news from around the world about breathwork and related subjects.