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Getting Real

February Contemplation by Carol A Lampman

604Love is the beauty of the soul.

~St. Augustine  

This is the day to celebrate Love and the important place it holds in your life. Love is more than just a feeling or an emotion, but an energy from which compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and connection develop. It is not enough to just feel love.  It is the expression of Love that adds meaning to our existence. Unconditional Love for others emerges from the personal knowledge or experience of Love that lives on the inside. So, while you are busy with the desire to show others how much you care for them, take a little time to acknowledge yourself for being the source of this love. It all begins with you.


I am blessed to love and be loved by many people. Some of these people are family and some are friends I have known for a very long time. Others, I have met only recently, but the connection is there. Most of us are surrounded by more love than we are consciously aware of. Sometimes we take love for granted and do not really acknowledge or appreciate those who share their hearts with us on a regular basis.


So, I invite you today to take a moment to bless all those, living or dead, who have loved you. Think of some of the people who have shared their love generously, without needing anything from you in return. Remember those who have touched your heart, shared their homes or supported you during difficult times. Take a moment to express gratitude to all of the wonderful beings who have taught you about love.   


The Breath of Love

It's all about Love and it's plain to see. 


Each moment is precious to you and to me.

Just Breathe into your heart and allow love to flow. 

It knows where it's needed, it knows where to go. 


It goes under the story, there is nothing to say. 


It touches each person in its own special way.


Your lover, your parents, your children and friends,

love is eternal. No beginning, no end.  

When you need it the most, the support will be there.  

Love's arms wrap around you and provide gentle care. 

So, what needs to happen to open your heart?

It's not up to others, you play your part.

Compassion and forgiveness is the song to sing.

To all you encounter, pure love you will bring.

Your breath is the answer, it shows you the way.

It connects you to life and the joy in each day.

So take just a moment to breathe and let go.

Watch the Love inside you continue to grow.

No effort required. There is nothing to do.

Love is your essence, it's natural for YOU!

by Carol A. Lampman


About the Author Carol A. Lampman

Carol A. Lampman
Carol A. Lampman

A rare and unique individual, Carol's natural healing presence along with her therapeutic sensitivity and remarkable wisdom inspire ideals of love, compassion and faith from deep within us.  Her presence attracts and honors individuals seeking personal transformation, higher awareness and healing.  She is a dynamic teacher and mentor known for creating safe and sacred spaces for the process of healing and growth.

Carol is an acknowledged speaker and educator, and has presented programs, trainings and workshops for the public in the US, France Italy, Spain, Venezuela and Israel.  She maintains a prominent role in the professional community as a facilitator of personal transformation techniques.  Her dynamic personality combined with humor and deep respect for the work of the participants has allowed her to establish a strong foundation of support among her peers and colleagues. 

Carol's life experience with childhood trauma and her early medical background working with catastrophically ill children sparked her interest in the mind body connection, the emotional process, and its overall relationship to health and wholeness.  Carol focused her training on the interconnection and unification of the body.  Carol developed Integral Breath Therapy ™ Integration Process Therapy Trainings for health care professionals.  Using workshops for the public, individual and group work, she specializes in personal growth and development, stress management, somatic / health issues and self empowerment.

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