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Creating Healing Environments by Binnie A. Dansby

BinneH100A healing environment is essential to all healing . . . environment is psychic, as well as physical, emotional and spiritual. Environment is all-inclusive. A healing environment nourishes body and mind, heart and soul. I encourage people of all ages, and most especially breathwork therapist/practitioners, to heal their source experiences and the defining first breath with the intention that they evolve and nurture a body of consciousness founded in safety and support, in innocence and joy, in satisfaction and abundance . . . a body of consciousness that knows that receiving and giving are the same . . . a body of consciousness that allows, encourages, and promotes healing.

Healing takes place in a space of acceptance and receiving of 'What Is'. Healing requires a change from life diminishing thinking to life enhancing thinking, from victim consciousness to creator consciousness.

You begin the journey to wholeness when you are able to acknowledge the thinking, the foundation of being, behind the challenge you are facing.

The next step to integration and sustainable change is to have it reflected back to you in relationship. That reflection can take the form of communication with someone whom you trust or communication with your Self (i.e. writing, speaking). It is important to choose to communicate with a person who is unconditional, non judgemental, and compassionate as a part of the process of developing compassion for yourself.

Healing at the core of Being is an on going process. It is a process of continuing to create the environment inside and outside ones' self in which healing can take place. It is an environment where wounds can be revealed and felt and released. It is an environment where True Being can reveal its Self. It is a safe space. Personally, I want to support that process in everyone.

Every One can give birth to Soul's Purpose. Every One can become the parent that they always wanted. Every One can wake up to the loving, compassionate, healing consciousness that they are.



This is an affirmation of faith in self, in others, and in the Divine.

©Binnie A Dansby, Nov 2013

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About the Author Binne A. Dansby

Binne A. Dansby
Binne A. Dansby
Binnie A. Dansby is an inspiring teacher and a gifted therapist, healer, writer and philosopher. For almost 30 years Binnie has been developing the body of work that is the foundation for her educational programs and courses. SOURCE Process and Breathwork is a system for personal and professional development. The purpose of this system is to facilitate the safe and effective release and healing of the life-long wounds of fear, inadequacy and limitation. It is designed to empower each person through the use of practical and powerful tools, techniques, inspiration, and the breath.  

In 1977, she left her career in art and design to pursue a career in healing and transformation. In 1980, her work evolved from full-time private counselling, therapeutic breathwork, and training to more focus on pregnancy and childbirth.Paying attention to pre-natal experience and birthing practices remembered and expressed by adults, privately and in groups, inspired her to deepen and listen to Beings in utero and at birth under many varied circumstances, i.e. home birth, both dry and in water, ‘normal’ hospital setting and in surgery for Caesarean section. She has supported hundreds of births. 



Binnie's accomplishments in life cross the spectrum from singer-actress, New York fashion designer, mother of two sons, and grandmother of seven. She began rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr in 1975, trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with Dr. Joseph Spear, and is a devoted student of the teachings of Master O. Mikael Aivanhov and of A Course in Miracles. Binnie has trained SOURCE Breathwork Therapists in three year trainings in Germany, England, Estonia and Denmark since 1988.

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