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December 2014 Winter Solstice by Marcus Mason

A New Moon Winter Solstice - 
21st December 2014 - 23:03 UT/GMT 

This December Solstice will occur less than three hours before the New Moon, bringing renewal and new beginnings at planetary (Solstice) and personal (New Moon) levels. A few hours earlier, the Moon will have been conjunct asteroid Ceres in Sagittarius, putting us deeply in touch with our highest ideals and our yearning to live in harmony with the spirit of Mother Earth. This is the energy that the Moon will birth into our consciousness, at the New Sun of Solstice. Over the following two days (21st -23rd Dec) the Moon will carry this energy through a conjunction of Mercury, Vesta, Pluto and Venus, weaving it deeply into our minds, innermost hearts, spiritual will and emotional bodies. This large conjunction or ‘stellium’ of planets is at the apex of a T-square pattern, making square (90º) aspects with both a conjunction of Uranus and the Moon’s South Node in Aries, and the Moon’s North Node in Libra.  

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November Solar Eclipse by Marcus mason

marcus masonSolar Eclipse over Ancient Atlantis - November 3rd - Maximum Eclipse - 12:49:56 UT/GMT

On November 3rd, an unusual Hybrid Solar Eclipse will cross the Atlantic Ocean, starting 600 miles east of the coast of Florida, in the region of the 'Bermuda Triangle'. It begins as an Annular Eclipse, which means that the eclipse shadow does not touch the Earth, but remains above the surface, in the energy body of the Earth. As it progresses across the Atlantic Ocean, the shadow touches the Earth to become a Total Eclipse. The Eclipse path will pass about 300 miles south of the Cape Verde islands, and 1,400 miles south of the Canary Islands. From the Canaries, it will appear as a 50% partial eclipse, but at maximum Eclipse (12:50 UT/GMT) the north-south meridians of the Sun and Moon will be exactly aligned over the summit of El Teide, the sacred mountain at the centre of Tenerife in the Canaries. After that, the Eclipse path crosses Africa, through Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, ending on the border between Ethiopia and Somalia.

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The South Dolmen, Weris, Belgium

Here is a map of where we meet for the Sun cycle meditations in Weris Belgium, please click here to view the map

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