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Healing Trauma with the Power of Breath by Jeremy Youst

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Free 90-minute live webinar for healing professionals:
Healing Trauma with the Power of Breath
Tuesday, December 1 at 7 pm (eastern)

When you introduce breath awareness and conscious breathing into your practice you add a powerful somatic element that amplifies the effective of whatever technique you use, bridging the mind-body gap and improving your clients' ability to make progress. Breathing more fully yourself, you increase your effectiveness to connect, assess and treat your clients on the mental, emotional and physical level.

Conscious breathing builds on the practice of Mindfulness in supporting the essential brain-body changes necessary for regulation, integration and sustained healing. As an added benefit, conscious breathing can become a powerful part of your own self-care, helping you to be a more attuned therapist, and help you be more resilient after a long day's work! 
In this live 90-minute experiential and energizing webinar, you will learn practical strategies and new perspectives.  You will receive instruction, breath exercises, personal interaction with Jeremy and the other participants, as well as time for Q&A.
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