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Take a deep breath on the longest night... by Jeremy Youst

Winter SolsticeWhat does it mean to celebrate the winter solstice, the return of the light? What is the deeper nature of this time of the year, and how can you honor it?

The Winter Solstice is like the bottom of the breath, the point of total surrender before the next impulse to inhale. It is a gateway to other worlds, a doorway into darkness, and a potent reminder of the presence of Grace. It is the opportunity to celebrate the transition between what is no longer needed and what is yearning to be born. It is at this time that a quieting occurs, a release, and an opportunity to plant the dreaming seeds for the upcoming cycle.

Your very biology mirrors the absolute and integrated perfection of physical life expressed in human form. Next in importance to the rhythm of your heartbeat, the rhythm of your breath as a circular song of Love that inspires the arousal, propulsion and delivery of awareness within your consciousness. At the bottom of the breath, after the Light has been expressed, there is a surrender into the abiding faith and absolute continuity of Life.

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Global Holotropic Breathwork Day for 2015

Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2015April 18 will be Global Holotropic Breathwork Day for 2015.

Each year on Global Holotropic Breathwork Day people celebrate the transformative power of the breath in large and small breathwork events.

If you are a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, please consider offering a workshop on this day or for that weekend. In many locations facilitators cooperate to enable a larger shared event.

If you would like to participate in such an event, contact your local facilitators to see what they are offering.

To find a certified facilitator near you, use the search facility on the community site.

As the day comes closer, we will offer a list of the workshops available, organized geographically, on the Global Holotropic Breathwork Day page.

Kenneth Sloan,
For the Grof Foundation

Holographic Breathing - movement and balancing cranial bones part 1 by Martin Jones

Martin JonesIn this video martin Jones looks at how the bones of the skull move and are balanced with his Holographic Breathing technique.


Become a Grof Foundation Founder! by Stan Grof

Grof foundation logo

This has been an extraordinary year for those who have been inspired by the work of Stan and Christina Grof. Saddened, as we were, by Christina's sudden death, our community has also given birth to the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.

With the world facing so many threats right now—from violence, racism, terrorism, and torture to fundamentalism and fear, as well as the ecological crisis—this is the perfect moment for a foundation that could help people realize there is another way.

Our vision is to bring the work of Stan and Christina—about the roots of suffering and violence as well as the transformative potential of deep inner work—into greater awareness. We want to help all people have access to safe and powerful means of inner transformation.

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An Introduction to Holographic Breathing by Martin Jones

Martin JonesMartin Jones provides Information on how to learn Holographic Breathing in this twenty three minute video.