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Holographic Breathing - movement and balancing cranial bones part 1 by Martin Jones

Martin JonesIn this video martin Jones looks at how the bones of the skull move and are balanced with his Holographic Breathing technique.


An Introduction to Holographic Breathing by Martin Jones

Martin JonesMartin Jones provides Information on how to learn Holographic Breathing in this twenty three minute video.

An open letter from Martin Jones

Martin Jones


Dear Everyone
I hope you are well.
In this newsletter we have -

Two new seminar downloads available. 

A Holographic Breathing and Birth Video.
And Light machines, healing and Holographic Breathing evenings.

Seminar Downloads  

The Energies of the Face, Cranium, Earth and Creation -

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Is Breathwork Tomorrow’s Psychotherapy? - a book review by Gunnel Minett

Gunnel MinettThe Healing Power of the Breath, Simple techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance concentration, and balance your emotions
By Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, Shambala Publications, London, 2012, 168 pages + audio CD, £ 14.10

As the title of this book points out in detail, this is all about learning to ‘breathe yourself’ to better health. It gives clear instruction as to how to practise breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve physical and mental wellbeing. The authors both have long experience of teaching these techniques. Richard Brown is associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and Patricia Gerbarg has the same position at New York Medical College. Their techniques are derived from yoga, qigong as well as modern breathing and meditation techniques.

The techniques are designed to slow down the natural breathing pattern, to balance the breathing pattern and to use sound as part of one’s breathing. By balancing and harmonising the breathing pattern we automatically balance and harmonise the body and brain. This in turn has an impact on thoughts and emotions, which in turn leads to increased inner wellbeing, both mental but also physical since the body usually suffers from negative thoughts and emotions.

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Thirteen Breaths to Freedom An Interview with James Beard

James BeardMy goal, well one of my life's goals is to help bring awareness of Breathwork to our cultural and global consciousness. I would love to see Breathwork make it to critical mass the tipping point for cultural awareness in my life time. I am doing everything I can think of to make this happen. Part of that was writing the book Thirteen Breaths to Freedom a short and simple how to book.

I was recently interviewed for my book and thought you might be interested in case you have not seen it on Facebook or Youtube.

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