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***Playing with the Breath! By Dan Brulé

Dan BruléBreathwork is my passion, as in “pass-I-on” and my profession, as in “profess-I-on”. And Today, I am celebrating the fact that I have not failed to write at least one breathing report/article every month of every year since September of 1976!

At times over the years, I waited on the muse or myself or inspiration until the last minute, and as a result, several times I was a day or two late in meeting my self-inflicted moral obligation!

And this month it seemed that I was doomed to failing. My mind was either swinging back and forth between false starts and dead ends, or simply being completely blank or empty. (I think that’s called writer’s block.)

For two weeks, I have been trying everything: searching my notes for ideas, scanning past articles, reviewing questions people have sent me, and forgetting about the task completely. But nothing worked. Then I decided to read my working definition of Breathwork:

“Breathwork is the art and science of applying breath awareness and conscious breathing exercises, techniques and meditations for health, growth and change, in body, mind, and spirit. Breathwork is a tool, a force, a path, and a bridge to peak performance, optimum health, and ultimate potential.”

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Therapeutic Breathwork Certification by Jim Morningstar

Jim MorningstarTherapeutic Breathwork Certification
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 Upcoming Summer Trainings

               August 3 - 7, 2015 at Cedar Valley, West Bend, WI



Level I - II      Basic Therapeutic Breathwork Training


        Level II - III    Advanced Therapeutic Breathwork Training
        Level IV         Breathwork Trainer Apprenticeship                   with Jim Morningstar, PhD and the TBTP staff

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Informational Video 

 Information and Application Form  

 CE credits available (see below)

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The IBF commitment to heart-centred community relating by Judee Gee

Judee Gee

Love is not the answer. It is the assignment.
Martin Luther King Junior

My first encounter with the IBF was at the GIC Poland in 1995. We were 38 participants representing 11 countries. That GIC remains one of my most memorable experiences. Not only was it a huge leap into the unknown for me - I knew nothing at all about the IBF or anybody else attending - it was also an intense roller coaster ride of discovery, pleasure, healing and renewal. I left with a feeling of homecoming, of having discovered a quirky, questing, heart-centred family of very like-minded souls.

As a result of my Poland experience, I fully embraced the IBF and participated with great enthusiasm at every GIC until 2004 in Estonia. And then, I took a break. After 11 years of non-stop involvement, it was time to step back, take a breath and digest my experience.

It took me some time to leap back in again. After a break of nine years, in July 2014 I attended my next GIC. And what a joy it was to be back! GIC 2014 in Ireland was pure nectar for me. Such a pleasure to mix and mingle with the IBF old-timers, make new GIC friends and enjoy the rich professional and cultural diversity present at the gathering.

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International Day of Conscious Breathing Jan 22nd 2015


Once again a year cycles by, and, here we are at one of the greatest days in any year, the day we globally come together to celebrate the gift of conscious breathing.

Attached is the document prepared by The International Breathwork Foundation with instructions on how to find out and connect with what is happening in your part of the world. One is in English the other is in Spanish.

Even if there is nothing planned in your area you can simply go to the Breathing Room on  Breathwork Europe or the Do-As-One website at midday where you are, enter the Universal Breathing Room and just follow the instructions and simply breathe for 15 minutes.

Were ever you are join us in the breath during the day.

I am offereing a free group breathwork experience in the evening here in Hellerup, Denmark. Details of my event can be found here:



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IBF seeking UN recognition for breathwork as positive impact on life

IBF LogoIt all started at the GIC in India 2013 when one of the keynote speakers, Julie Gerland, informed the GIC that the United Nations were in the process of identifying initiatives that would have a positive impact on the well-being and happiness of all people. Julie saw how Conscious Breathing could contribute to this endeavour and she offered her support to have the IBF apply for special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). She herself is the Chief United Nations representative of the World Organisation of Prenatal Education Associations (OMAEP).

A IBF members got the ball rolling after GIC 2013, but it was at GIC 2014 that a team of 3 (Brigitte martin-Powel, Veronique Batter and Judee Gee - all either past or present President of the IBF) joined forces to affirm and realise this vision.

One of the first objectives is for the IBF to attain a membership of 300 before the end of February 2015 (end of the IBF financial year), the increased membership will add significant weight to the application for recognition.

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