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An open letter from Martin Jones

Martin Jones


Dear Everyone
I hope you are well.
In this newsletter we have -

Two new seminar downloads available. 

A Holographic Breathing and Birth Video.
And Light machines, healing and Holographic Breathing evenings.

Seminar Downloads  

The Energies of the Face, Cranium, Earth and Creation -

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Thirteen Breaths to Freedom An Interview with James Beard

James BeardMy goal, well one of my life's goals is to help bring awareness of Breathwork to our cultural and global consciousness. I would love to see Breathwork make it to critical mass the tipping point for cultural awareness in my life time. I am doing everything I can think of to make this happen. Part of that was writing the book Thirteen Breaths to Freedom a short and simple how to book.

I was recently interviewed for my book and thought you might be interested in case you have not seen it on Facebook or Youtube.

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Why Breathe? Why Learn Breathwork?

DanBruleH100Many people who have never done breathwork wonder what all the fuss is about. They ask what is the point of it; they want to know what the value or the benefits of it are.

For those of us who are immersed in the practice—our direct experience makes it all obvious and self-evident. But still, it is important to remind ourselves and to inform others of the astonishing power and potential of Breathwork: so that’s what I’ll do here this month.

We use breathwork for self-improvement and personal growth; we use it to increase our physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing; we us it to enhance our creative abilities and to boost our self-healing capacities. We apply it for achieving peak performance, for attaining optimum health, and for realizing our ultimate potential.

Breathwork gives us more energy on a day-to-day basis, and it helps us to sleep better. Breathworkers are not as tense, stressed, anxious or afraid—as often or as much—as others. Breathwork helps us to maintain a peaceful loving heart, a relaxed energized body, and a clear quiet mind—even in the most difficult moments of life.

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Rebirthing in the 21st century?

Brigitte08H100Is this breathing technique identical or different to what it was in the 70's when Leonard Orr and his friends developed it in the US and brought it to the UK and Europe where it became quickly very popular?

My answer is... YES and NO.

YES, because the tools of Rebirthing, i.e. conscious connected breathing and the awareness of our thought patterns are still powerful at healing one's past and creating a world of possibilities;

and NO, because over time WE have evolved. The level of consciousness of the population in general is not the same as it was all these years ago.

Rebirthing has turned into a powerful "mindfulness with the breath" exercise, looking at witnessing with kindness and compassion our traumas, to integrate them fully rather than playing them out, hoping to get them out of our system.

Being so gentle and adaptable, Rebirthing in the 21st century doesn't actually have any contra-indication.

For me it is the royal way to

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ES: Training in Breathwork Mastery with Alakh Analda in Madrid Spain

May 24th to June 8th 2014 ~ with choice of dates 

You can book for one session, 
    •    one day (two sessions),
    •    weekend (four sessions) or 
    •    six day intensive retreat (twelve sessions)

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