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The positive polarity of the Empathetic Nurturing life... The Empathetic Nurturing Theme by Jim Morningstar

Jim MorningstarH100The Empathetic Nurturing life theme shows strengths and core qualities which include the ability to be empathetic, serene, and to love directly from the heart. An individual with this theme can be a person of high intelligence and articulate with a sensitivity to injustice. They are light, approachable and warm with a yielding and receptive manner. Empathetic and compassionate with self and others, confident in their inner source, they have the ability to be happy and feel abundant with what they have. They are good in helping professions, do not over-identifying with others and able to care for themselves.Click to watch the video

The negative polarity of this theme is most frequently associated with depression and a fear of abandonment and dependency. Inner rage over feeling abandoned is coupled with a denial of having any needs, therefore the individual responds as either overly self-reliant or excessively needy. Deep-seated feelings of loneliness, and the fear of being alone, are met with disappointment and helplessness. There is a tendency to feel misunderstood. The lifelong strategy is a constant search for the place, person, event and situation, who or which, will meet their needs - relieving fears about their inability to survive alone. See the video for positive resources.

Breath Immersion 2015: From Science to Samadhi Oct. 18-23 at Kripalu Center, USA

Breath Immersion 2015: From Science to Samadhi


Oct. 18-23 at Kripalu Center

What do you get when you bring together the foremost practitioners, researchers and authors in the field of breathwork in the world?

Truly a "Breathfest of Champions." Educational, experiential, inspirational and groundbreaking.

This conference will advance your personal and professional healing and mastery skills at whatever level you are now.

See the astounding lineup of faculty and presentations at the gorgeous Kripalu Center. Register now!  Or Click here for full details of this event:

Grof Foundation Progress Report, June 2015

Aum2H100The Grof Foundation is just a little more than seven months old, but we have been blessed by enormous enthusiasm for our efforts. Here’s a brief update about the work we’ve been doing.

In the months following our launch, we were met by a huge desire for communication and coordination among the many people and organizations—many of whom we hadn’t known about before—who are deeply inspired by the Grofs’ work.

Thus our priority has been to build a long-term, stable, and respected organization that can meet this need, as well as preserve Stan and Christina’s legacy and bring their work to more and more people.

Although we do not yet have an endowment, or even enough operating funds to meet such goals, we have still been able to make real progress on important initiatives. We’ve done this by leveraging small amounts of money with a lot of volunteer power and collaborative spirit. Specifically:

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The significance of your birth on your life is astounding.. by Jim Morningstar

Jim Morningstar introduces breathwork in water. This is a deeply profound way to experience the transformative and healing potential of breathwork.

As Jim explains;

"Breathing in the water with Therapeutic Breathwork helps support the release of birth related trauma as well as other tensions that limit the freedom of our life expression and fulfillment. This video clip shows a courageous woman engaging in a wet breathwork. She uses the support of a safe environment, her breath and the water to heal and nourish her body and regain trust in her relationships."


Global Holotropic Breathwork Day 2016

Holotropic Global Breath dayFrom the Grof Holotropic Breathwork Net Community

Our breath connects us to all of the people, plants, and animals on this planet. And the energy that flows within the breath is the energy that we all share and depend upon.

Next Saturday 18 April some of us will be joining together in Holotropic Breathwork workshops on Global Holotropic Breathwork Day to journey once again into the place in us where outside and inside may merge and become one.

But whether you are in a workshop or not on the 18th, see if you can remember that day (if it is not already your daily practice) to notice the breath coming in, the breath going out, your connections inside and outside, and what important yearning in you is waiting for you to notice and honor.

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