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The command of loving attention by Jeremy Youst

JeremyYoust"The Command of Love is a Song of the Soul through the Heart of Loving Attention."  

Loving attention is one of the few energetic endowments you can offer "Mother Life" through your conscious awareness and choice. It is a human opportunity to divinely express and direct the freedom of personal will through the choices of your everyday experience. In its simplest form, Loving Attention represents the articulation of awareness as directed by consciousness and guided by the soul's highest purpose in this moment right now.

The "Song of your Soul" is your deepest longing to realize the truest intention of your heart. It is the passion of life. It is the single most significant source of personal drive and motivation, and the reason you are conscious at this very moment. It is as irresistible yet as responsive as your breath, as uplifting as the smile you've caused on a beloved's face, and the smile offered when you turn your face to the sun. In terms of personal enlightenment, this song of your soul through the Heart of Loving Attention is an art form of learning how to direct your soul's purpose into immediate reality, gleaned from years of life experience and the wise intelligence of a compassionate heart.

Learning to be in command of your loving attention returns you to generosity and kindness, for it creates a way for the soul to express Love (universal life force energy) as an expression outside of itself. As an expression of personal truth, it is the most immediate gift you also can give back to your "tribe". In a sense, it is the only gift you can offer because Life gives you everything else. You are given life, a heartbeat, breath, senses, perceptions, a world within which to experience reality and most importantly, the means to be consciously aware and awake.

You are the given the capabilities of body, mind and spirit, and the unique ability to choose how, when, and where to direct your focus or attention. To a large degree your life is an open canvas ready to painted with the beautiful colors of your own choices and attention, according to the attractions and needs of your mind, body and soul. What will you choose to do with these gifts that Life has offered you? Where do you want to direct your attention?  

Your willingness to be in charge of and command your consciousness is like learning how to be conscious of your breath. He more attention you give it, the more benefit you receive physically, mentally and spiritually. Consciously choosing to pay attention/breathe is uplifting to the soul because it encourages connection, mutuality and sustainability between you, your environment and your relationship to those you share life with. 

 The pathway to joy is a simple one, yet so few are able to walk it with full presence of heart and mind. Instead, we are driven to distraction by all the things we believe are important, while ignoring the things that are really important to kindle the truth of who we really are. By learning the ways in which you are able to be in charge of your conscious awareness and attention, you can begin to touch your highest potential, fulfill your highest purpose and feel inspired by life, not just lost and alone.

What are the most important components of a Command of Loving Attention? We might consider them as an intersection point of four principal qualities or gifts as outlined on a "Medicine Wheel" or 4-quadrant circle:


   Axis of Learning (east-west)

1)   EAST (Inhale): Consciousness (Gift of the Creator/Universe)

2)   WEST (Exhale): Reality (Gift of Life)


   Axis of Living (north-south)

3)   SOUTH (Inhale): Beauty/Innocence (Gift of Love)

4)   NORTH (Exhale): Truth (Gift of Experience).


In the East of this Wheel, we begin with Consciousness. Consciousness, in human terms, is awareness imbued with spiritual purpose and intent, directed by choice, and integrated within the totality of one's experience. It is a focal point of Divine attention held within the gravity of YOU; in other words, it is where a "piece of God" has come together to form an identity. Consciousness is a reference point of understanding, where the stories of life have become focused enough to set the stage for beliefs, meaning, understanding and evolutionary, co-creative experience. Consciousness always reflects this primary aspect of beingness, the Source of our Divinity.

Consciousness is the lens through which the Light of the soul shines. It is fully identified, yet ever emerging. It is whole unto itself, yet is eternally a part of something larger than itself. It is focused and enduring, yet may be diffused or dispersed in an instant. Consciousness is that quality of Loving Command that upholds the greatest opportunity for fulfilling life's direction; for it is imbued with the creativity to express the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that come from the deepest workings of the soul.   From there, it becomes integrated through life experience and learning, coalescing more Light through awareness into the spiritual framework of life.

Consciousness acts like an intercessor between that which is finite and that which is infinite, i.e. that which is comprehended through reality and that which is comprehended through faith. In the realm of human attention, these two arenas are managed by mind and heart. In the mind you can find the clearest command of reality and reason: the Voice of Truth. In the heart you can find the clearest command of faith and intelligence: the Voice of Love. By learning to recognize and synergize these two voices into one unified authority, it is possible to reinstall consciousness with the inherent beauty and simplicity of being fully alive as a holographic emissary of the Divine.


To the West we move on this Wheel to the direction of Reality. Together with Consciousness, this east-west direction forms the "Axis of Learning", through which the soul evolves and participates in the larger spiral of Life within nature and community. Reality is the gift of life that connects awareness to all things present and true. It is the playground where consciousness gets to set down roots and exercise its creativity. It is the place where the Creator is reflected through Creation, and the heart and the mind of consciousness gets to move about in the realm of experience. Simply put, reality is the basis of all experience throughout all dimensions of the universe.

Being in Reality is the quality of Loving Attention that calls forth the respect for what is. It is most directly accessed through the attributes of honesty and acceptance, and offers consciousness a framework within which to learn and grow. Inside the world of duality, reality reverberates through the cycles of life and death, male and female, up and down, in and out. It is the interdependent relationship of how life gets manifested through the polarities of unity and diversity, good and bad, right and wrong. Reality is the magnificent portrait of Creation as a mirrored expression of living through an infinity of possibilities and probabilities.

Reality connects Consciousness to Beauty, and Beauty to Truth. Its primary function is to allow Love to seek its rightful expression through the interplay of purpose and form. Reality is the sacred vessel into which all of life is poured. It is the on-going perfection of everything found everywhere throughout all existence, and the place where your attention eventually returns. Reality acts like a receiver, transmitter and transformer of all awareness. It is the sound and center of Oneness as it moves back and forth between "heaven and earth".


Beauty and Innocence (Innocent Connection) is found in the South of this Wheel, and is the gift of Love as expressed through the Purity of Essence, the spontaneity of creativity held within a moment-point of perfection. Beauty is the blessing of Grace that comes from living Life with a trusting heart; it is the faithful action of being fully present in this moment right now. It is the elegance and ease of innocence, and the place of the Divine Child. It is a Way more than it is a destination. Beauty is founded upon the rightness and perfection of all things and all experiences. It soars into Being through expressions of Love, appreciation and gratitude; yet it needs none of these to exist.

Beauty is the quality of Loving Attention that unites all experience into an interconnected web of meaningful relationships, encouraging consciousness to transcend the limit of its own (identity) isolation. It is the communion and upliftment you feel when you move beyond the awareness-point you thought was true to the awareness-point of what is really true. It is simple yet profound, and announces its presence through transcendent inspirations that affirm goodness, awareness and your unique relationship to all of Life.

Learning to command consciousness with Beauty and Innocence is the promise and reward of "suffering" in life - like compassion, mindfulness and loving-kindness, these are the "flower essences" you extract from the drama of life experience. Here, you let go of any defensiveness you may have toward life, and return to the essence of the Divine Child, as well as embrace the expansiveness and wisdom of the Heart. It is here forgiveness is discovered as the magical elixir of transformation that softens the hard edges of bitterness and the resentment. It is here you become immersed in the yearning to grow towards something newer and better, something bigger than yourself, and FIND yourself in a way perhaps never before imagined.

Innocence and Beauty are the beginning and end of the soul's experience in life, the two eyes of a wounded child after being comforted and calmed, tears dried, renewed and re-engaged with SAFETY. Beauty and Innocence remind you that your efforts are always tied to a higher source and purpose. They are the alpha and omega of human interaction and understanding, and are re-awakened through living with empathy and smiles of recognition. Beauty reminds you to live life for its own sake, for the sake of being, not simply doing.  Whereas Innocence embraces the hearts of others through an ecstasy of connection, continually reconstituting the self through opportunities to express and belong, Beauty is the rainbow and richness of Life in all its glory, the place beyond judgment where we all return and feel Home.


Finally, in the North of the Wheel, is Truth. Between Truth and Beauty/Innocence is formed the north-south "Axis of Living". Truth is the vibration and resonance of your own unique and Loving Presence in life. It is the "home station", so to speak, of all the frequencies of your awareness within reality right now. Truth is like a song, for its splendor lies not only in the tone and timbre of the individual notes, but also in the melodic interplay of all the phrasings and harmonies of your multi-dimensional experience. Truth is the direct and honest presentation of your core essence or spirit, and is therefore relative to your sense of self and your immediate soul's understanding of Love.

Truth carries with it the presence and authenticity of your rightness of being. It is the still point of your very essence, yet must be found within the "movement" of your reality, your experiences, your beliefs and perceptions of the world around you. Truth is derivative, yet original; it is relative to reality, yet can stand on its own above reality. In many ways, "Truth is the answer your soul has been searching for". For within it lays the freedom to understand your journey from innocence to experience as you live the days of your lives.

Living and sharing your Truth is the realization and visible presentation that you are more than just your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, but are composed of something much more profound, synergistic and divinely ordained. Learning to command Beauty and reclaim your Innocence within the Truth of Reality may be your greatest challenge, but it will also be your greatest teacher. Living your Truth is the wisdom that comes from having chosen, endured and learned from every experience you've ever had, while at the same time allowing yourself to be guided into utilizing that harvest for the upliftment of yourself and your world.

The knowledge and wisdom gained from developing a truthful relationship with Life and Reality offers the possibility you no longer need to be identified with the tired and outmoded identities born out of karma, ancestry and sustained by past thinking. It is the inner shift made possible through tools such as Mindfulness and Therapeutic BreathworkSignal, through the empowering actions of relaxation, release, integration and Presence, and through remembering and re-engaging the Heart's true intelligence.

Here, at the transformational gateway into the "Garden of Soul", you are able to reconnect with these essential ideas: Love is who you are, LOVE is the very essence of your Being; and Love commands that who and why you are here is greater than who or what you believe yourself to be.  

The Command of Loving Attention is the opportunity and responsibility that comes from consciously breathing with Truth and Beauty until you reach a dynamic Awareness of Reality. It is remembering that Love, within the essence and through the expression of all things, is the energy that integrates these four qualities within "The Wheel of the Command of Loving Attention". Learning to nurture the gift of Loving Attention leads to inescapable generosity and acts of kindness that naturally arise when you're living with an open mind and an innocent, peaceful heart. It is natural for your soul to live this way. The art of learning to Command Loving Attention is a journey of finding one's authentic Self, of "walking your talk", and returning your consciousness to the acceptance and activation of your own inner creativity and divinity. The Command of Loving Attention inspires and integrates everyone and everything within the Sacred Hoop of Life, and is the final act of surrender and responsibility before returning to a state of enduring Grace. It is learning to live the way of wisdom, to respond to the call of compassion that in the end, uplifts you to the Love, Truth and Beauty that "shall set you free".

Jeremy Youst is the founder and director of the Power of Breath Institute located in Spofford, New Hampshire. Since 2001 The Power of Breath Institute has offered private sessions, personal intensives, workshops, and a life-changing nine-month Empowerment Training. POBI is proud to offer an GPBA accredited Practitioner Certification program which focuses on training individuals in therapeutic breathworkSignal as well as professional practice development. Facilitating and teaching breathworkSignal since 1995 Jeremy serves on the GPBA board and is the author of numerous articles on breathworkSignal and personal empowerment.

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About the Author Jeremy Youst

Jeremy Youst
Jeremy Youst

Jeremy is a certified Somatic Breath Therapy practitioner and the founder/director of the internationally accredited Power of Breath Institute in Spofford NH. Jeremy is passionate about bringing 21st century therapeutic breathwork, which is integrally informed and grounded in science to the world.

He's logged in over 6000 (2 hour) client sessions. He is a board member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance an organization dedicated to establishing ethical and professional standards for breathwork practice and training around the world. He has been skillfully facilitating empowerment for individuals and groups for over thirty years. Since 1989 Jeremy has trained in various methods of breathwork, from Rebirthing, to Transformational Breath, Holotropic, and the Butekyo method. In developing Somatic Breath Therapy, Jeremy has brought together the most effective and clinically sound aspects of the major schools of connected breathing techniques. The Power of Breath Institute specializes in delivering Somatic Breath Therapy training to individuals and professionals who wish to become certified through its 2-3 year training program.

You can read more about Jeremy here:

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If you are interested in breathwork or earth magic you could sign up for our monthly(ish) newsletter which brings you all the latest news from around the world about breathwork and related subjects.
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If you are interested in breathwork or earth magic you could sign up for our monthly(ish) newsletter which brings you all the latest news from around the world about breathwork and related subjects.