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***Ten Ways to Improve Your Breathing by Dane Brule

DanBruleH100Ignorance is not bliss! When it comes to your breathing, what you don't know could be hurting you, both in the short and long term.

Your breathing habits can have a surprisingly negative effect on your health, and wellbeing, on your athletic and creative abilities, on your performance at work, and in your everyday life.

Here are just a few signs of "bad" breathing—problems and conditions caused or made worse by poor breathing habits:

anxiety, tension, asthma, headaches, chronic fatigue, panic attacks, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, irritability, poor concentration, shortness of breath, phobias, lack of mental clarity, dizziness, cold hands and feet, immune disorders, poor digestion, constipation...

You owe it to yourself to improve your breathing! And as it turns out, there are many simple and easy things you can do to dramatically improve your breathing—and with it—your health and happiness. (*)

To start, there is one thing—an all-important thing you need to do—and that is: Become more conscious of your breathing. You need to practice "Breath Awareness." You need to pay more attention to how you breathe.

Establish the habit of consciously observing your breath at different times, in different situations, and during different activities. Do it now. Tune into your breath. Notice how you are breathing.

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