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LOrrH100The revolution is to acknowledge our own natural divinity. We are the world of Spirit, the world of the mind, and the world of matter - a physical body operating in the physical universe.

A part of the revolution is rejecting the traditional beliefs about death. Most people create their own death according to their family tradition which includes poor diet and becoming the victims of their family, school, religious, and cultural deathist conditioning. All life insurance companies are based on this, but insurance companies also study the exceptions. The exceptions prove we do have control of our own death. They are very interesting.

Lots of people die after Christmas. People die Sunday night of Monday morning so they don’t have to go to work. A big percentage of people die one or two years after retirement. This system is a system of false hope. People work their whole lives to retire and then die when they don’t know what to do with their time. Single women live longer than married women. Married men live longer than single men. Insurance companies don’t know why, but I do. It is because of the spiritual purification power of menstruation. Healing our death urge from our family tradition is a major accomplishment in our spiritual development.

Physical death is not an accident and God doesn’t kill people.


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Do as One have provided the space below to allow us to access thier universal breathing room. Simply click the "Start Breathing" button and synchronise your breath with the pulsing heart. Enjoy.




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